Hard Red Wheat Cover Crop Seed (Organic)


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Winter annual cereal grain; can be spring-planted
Prevents erosion, suppresses weeds, scavenges excess nutrients, adds organic matter
Mix with: annual legumes, ryegrass or other small grains

Although typically grown as a cash grain, wheat can provide most of the cover crop benefits of other cereal crops, as well as a grazing option prior to spring tiller elongation. Wheat is slower to mature than some cereals, so there is no rush to kill it early in spring and risk compacting soil in wet conditions.

Whether grown as a cover crop or for grain, wheat adds rotation options for underseeding a legume for forage or nitrogen. Wheat is a plentiful source of straw and stubble. Wheat’s fine root system also improves topsoil tilth. Although it generally produces less than rye or barley, the residue can be easier to manage and incorporate.

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