“Concentrates is one of our favorite suppliers. They seem to have everything we need for our Garden Supply shop in Southern Oregon. Great customer service and great delivery! We’ll always come back for more!”

– Concentrates Customer

Organic Agricultural and Animal Supply

If you have been farming for decades, are just getting started, or are an avid gardener, we have the amendments, feeds, grains, and tools for you. We help farmers and ranchers find cost effective ingredients and methods to develop ideal soil health and animal wellness. For pallet orders, please refer to our office, and for smaller increments, you can come to our Milwaukie showroom.

Sourcing Organic Products Locally 

As the leading organic farm supply distributor in the Pacific Northwest, we are able to source soil amendments and feeds from just about anywhere. We can help you find a regionally appropriate product or a retailer near you – just call our office at 503-234-7501.

Self-Serve Bulk Bins: Animal Feeds, Soil Amendments, and Cover Crop Seed

Some days you don’t need a 50 lb bag of feather meal or a 40 lb bag of Concentrates All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer. Some days you only need a few pounds of Hen Grit, or just a handful of crimson clover. We have a multitude of feed grade animal products, soil amendments and cover crop seeds for sale by the pound in our Milwaukie showroom.

Mail Order

Having trouble finding organic feeds and fertilizers in farm supply stores near you? Give us a call, we can send a selection of our products directly to your home or business.

Soil Test Analysis and Interpretation

We specialize in offering organic soil test recommendations via a partnership with A&L Western Agricultural Laboratories in Portland, Oregon. Bring your soil sample (8 cups minimum), in to us for a $49 professional analysis and FREE organic interpretation. We can recommend the most environmentally responsible and cost-effective methods for to build optimal soil health. See our Soil Sampling page for sampling instructions. For more questions, call the showroom at 503-234-7501×6.

Drip Irrigation Consultation and Supply

Drip irrigation is the most effective and efficient way to irrigate your crops. Our staff has years of experience with drip systems to help you configure or troubleshoot your own. We carry the basic DripWorks line to help get you started.

Low Tunnel Supply and Season Extension Consultation

Interested in extending your growing season through the rainy and cold months? Our staff can help you choose cold-hardy vegetable varieties, growing methods, and design simple and cost-effective infrastructure to keep your crops and soil covered. We also have many books on season extension to consult once you get your low tunnel or agricultural fabric home.

General Soils and Feeds Information

The staff at Concentrates is made of agricultural and ranching professionals with degrees in Agriculture, Horticulture, Chemistry, and Resource Management. We are always available to answer any questions you may have concerning your soil amendment and animal feeding practices. Please use us as a resource for any questions you may have!