Organic Agriculture Specialists

“Pure happiness when I walk into this place! Growing organically with such wonderful amendments available and the best thing is the staff – they are all so wonderful and knowledgeable – they answer my questions thoughtfully and intelligently! Can’t say enough good about this place!”

– Concentrates Customer

Concentrates, Inc. is a supplier of agricultural products near Portland, Oregon, specializing in organic soil amendments, fertilizers, feeds, minerals, and salts. We have served the Pacific Northwest since 1938 from our warehouse and showroom near Portland, Oregon, and continue to provide new and innovative products to the agricultural community.

If you’d like to order pallet quantities (or a mix of products approaching a full pallet) we offer will-call service from our warehouse near Portland, Oregon or by appointment in Grants Pass, Oregon. We also ship a selection of our products via mail order. If you need more than 200 pounds of product but are not able to pick up an order in Portland or Grants Pass, we may be able to arrange delivery via a third party common carrier.

Concentrates’ staff members include organic farming and ranching professionals with degrees in Agriculture, Horticulture, Chemistry, and Resource Management. We are available to try to answer any questions you may have concerning your organic crop and livestock needs, including soil test interpretation, balancing feed rations, organic pest management, cover crop rotations, troubleshooting livestock health issues, vegetable planting schedules, home orchard maintenance, irrigation system design, season extension, and more. Please use us as a resource! Give us a call at (503)234-7501 or learn more about our Services.

Our inventory is extensive, but if there’s a product that we don’t carry, we might know where to get it. We have decades of experience in sourcing products from across the country and around the world, while doing our best to support our network of small local businesses, non-profit organizations, and organic farmers and gardeners. Ask us about setting up a business account for a discount on all of our products!