Malibu ‘Baby Bu’s’ Blend Potting Soil (Biodynamic)

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Malibu Compost Baby Bu’s Biodynamic Blend Potting Soil is a complete, stand-alone soil that has everything in it that your plants need to thrive in your raised beds, containers, pots and in-ground soil mixes. It is the premium organic potting soil on the market that is a healthy soil medium for organic gardening. It is coco coir-based instead of the traditional old school peat moss mixes, which are less environmentally friendly to our planet.

The first thing that separates Baby Bu’s Biodynamic Blend Potting Soil from any other potting soil or planting mix on the market is that it already has 25% of our Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost in it. We have also blended in a premium organic worm casting along with a mixture of the highest quality organic and Non-GMO amendments that make it unlike any soil on the market.

Malibu Compost Baby Bu’s Potting Soil:

  • is free from GMO’s, pesticides, growth hormones, sewage sludge and synthetic chemicals.
  • is the perfect mix to grow all of your organic fruits and vegetables in.
  • is ready to plant for all seeds, seedlings, starts, plants, trees and shrubs.
  • is the ideal mix for all transplants.
  • is a light, well-draining mix that is perfect for houseplants.
  • can be used in-ground and for raised beds, containers and pots.
  • saves water by encouraging appropriate moisture absorption and dissipation.
  • lasts longer than the other potting soils because of the organic matter and top of the line ingredients in the mix.

Malibu Compost Baby Bu’s Potting Soil was originally created for a huge commercial food forest to grow clean, healthy, organic and Non-GMO food for their campus and commissary. It’s recipe is designed to grow nutrient dense food in containers and raised beds. If you are looking for the best potting soil on the market, than look nor further than Malibu Compost Baby Bu’s Potting Soil and its rich and balanced medium which will make your garden thrive and grow.


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2 reviews for Malibu ‘Baby Bu’s’ Blend Potting Soil (Biodynamic)

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    i was excited to find this when many other places were completely sold out of potting soil

  2. Clare m. (verified owner)

    great for my homemade seed starting mix

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