Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil (Organic)

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Made from the finest ingredients, our Natural & Organic Potting Mix is an all-purpose mix recommended for containers and raised beds and ensures good aeration.


Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Compost, Composted or Aged Bark, Earthworm Castings, Horticultural Grade Perlite, Pumice, or Cinders, RESiLIENCE®

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6 reviews for Black Gold Natural & Organic Potting Soil (Organic)

  1. maureen (verified owner)

    Love this potting soil!

  2. Michael A. (verified owner)

    Used this potting soil last year & had my best harvest ever so why change

  3. michael rentz (verified owner)

    Great service and product. Delivered in timely manor.

  4. Lisa F. (verified owner)

    This is a great product. I’ve purchased A LOT of it over the years. It’s my go to for potting on new starts. However, using the online order path was not so great. My order went through. However, when my sister went to pick it up that day, the showroom didn’t really have 2 cu.ft. bags, only 1.5 cu. ft. bags. And, they hadn’t even seen my order even though the website said I could come pick it up. Whoever helped my sister made it right in the end and I got the right cubic feet for the same price. I would say the process needs to be tightened up. I’d rather just order over the phone but I’ve been discouraged from doing that by the staff in the showroom related to heavy customers in the spring and not much time to stay on the phone taking an order.

  5. Melissa Manuel (verified owner)

    great product!

  6. Kathy K. (verified owner)

    works best for me when making soil blocks.

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