Crimson Clover Cover Crop Seed, OMRI Coated (Non-GMO)

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Trifolium incarnatum is an annual legume with a semi upright habit to 18 inches.

Inoculated with Pre-Vail (OMRI)

  • Broadcast at 30 lbs. per acre or 2 lb. per 1000 square feet at depth of .25 – .5″
  • Hardy through Zone 7
  • Fixes up 70 to 100 lbs. of Nitrogen per acre
  • Easy to incorporate by hand, mowing or tilling
  • Quick Establishment when planted in early fall
  • Readily Reseeds


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5 reviews for Crimson Clover Cover Crop Seed, OMRI Coated (Non-GMO)

  1. Gillian (verified owner)

    Staff was incredibly helpful and responsive for my last minute cover crop order, it came in just a few days. (I live in WA). Thanks!

  2. maureen (verified owner)

    Will be using this in the fall.

  3. John Acton (verified owner)


  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Paper bags should be re-enforced, so seed doesn’t leek out the bottom manufacture seal. When I opened the box, I found crimson clover seed spilling into the box it was shipped in. I work with seed as well, harvesting collecting wild and farmed seed. We harvest/collect and cure seed in paper bags that are re-enforced by us with masking tape. It only takes a second, but ensures seed will not be lost out the bottom. The manufacture seal on most paper bags is not meant to contain finely sorted objects like a seed (s).

    • Zach Menchini (store manager)

      Sorry for the trouble and thanks for letting us know! We’re switching to plastic ziplock bags to prevent this moving forward. Appreciate the feedback.

  5. amanda (verified owner)

    very pleased

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