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The 20# size of the Organic GardenStraw is out of stock until September 2024. We have the 3.5# size of the organic product in stock as well as 20# bales of the conventional GardenStraw that has been cleaned and tested for pesticide residues. 

Whether it’s a hobby, a passion or a lifestyle, gardening can provide a boost to your health and wellbeing in so many ways. It enhances your natural environment, contributes to healthier eating and food security and provides quality time outdoors. With so many benefits, we wanted to make gardening easier and more accessible so you spend less time maintaining, and more time enjoying your garden.


GardenStraw provides a natural, sustainable solution to growing a healthier, more vibrant garden. We know how important it is to be confident in what you’re putting into your soil. Through our unique and innovative cleaning process we create bright, fresh, pure and natural garden mulch, perfect in length and form to encourage healthy plant life and soil conditions.


We want your garden to thrive even in the face of challenging environmental conditions. As more areas experience long periods of drought and water restrictions, our specially formulated mulch helps to minimize watering needs and promote stable soil moisture. It also goes to work for you by naturally suppressing weeds, improving soil health and protecting your plants.

Extremely versatile, GardenStraw can be used for gardens, raised beds, containers and pots planted with vegetables, herbs, fruit trees/shrubs and flowers. It’s also great for lawn seeding and patch repair.

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