Malibu Compost (Biodynamic)

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Malibu Compost Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost is our flagship product. Everything that we make starts with our organic farm-made compost. It is the reason that we started Malibu Compost. We needed organic, clean, healthy soil for an extensive food growing project, and we couldn’t find anything to help create that. When we started making compost for our organic gardening projects we realized that gardeners, farmers and growers all over the country were having the same problem.

Bu’s Blend is the solution when used as a top-dress, soil amendment or additive to potting and planting mixes that all of us need, to:

  • create healthy soil.
  • revitalize those tired, old potting soils and planting mixes in our raised beds, planters and in-ground beds.
  • feed the microbial life beneath the surface.
  • feed the fruits, vegetables, trees, shrubs, lawns and flowers who depend on the microbes to feed them by breaking down good, healthy, clean organic matter and releasing nutrients to them for uptake.
  • break up clay soil in an organic way without using gypsum.
  • repair damaged and compacted soil.
  • save water in the garden by holding moisture and dissipating it correctly.
  • creating a safe environment for the pollinators and wildlife in our gardens.
  • use as a cover in our landscape and planting areas versus shredded barks and mulches.

Our organic and biodynamic compost is hand-crafted from a base of organic dairy cow manure and wood chips from the forest that are stacked in windrows on the compost pads of our organic farms and then inoculated with the biodynamic preparations. The biodynamic preparations contain specific plant and mineral materials designed to increase the microbial life and nutrient in the soil. The effects of using biodynamic compost have been scientifically proven to enhance the flavor and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, while helping to eliminate the need for pesticides, fertilizers and other man-made soil amendments.

So, whether you need a compost to help you create or maintain the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever seen or out in the veggie garden where you need to grow the healthiest, tastiest, most nutrient dense food you’ve ever eaten, there is NO other compost out there that can compare to the proven performance and results of Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost.

Additional information

Weight 2000 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 48 × 48 in

12 Quarts, 1 cubic foot, 2 Cubic Yards

5 reviews for Malibu Compost (Biodynamic)

  1. Jack (verified owner)

    Best compost for the price.

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s not as fine nor as dark as other composts I had used, but for the money I would use the others.

  3. Brett Evett (verified owner)

    Excellent quality compost, but tends to be inconsistent from pallet to pallet. Sometimes a lot of woody mulch, other times primarily composted manure.

  4. Gretchen OBrien (verified owner)

    Will be back for more!

  5. Clare m. (verified owner)

    a little inconsistent in terms of bag weight, but high quality product.

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